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CW Electrical Services: Electrical Repair & Installation

Since 2006 Residential / Commercial Electrical Services Serving the Pittsburgh, Allegheny County Area

Looking for the top electricians Pittsburgh has to offer? Look no further than CW Electrical Services. Many electricians in Pittsburgh often only offer limited electrical work. However, C W Electrical Services Inc provides a full range of electrical services including interior lighting and exterior lighting installation services, electrical panel upgrades and services, and wiring services for the Pittsburgh and Allegheny County area. CW Electrical Services Inc has acquired the ability to quickly and accurately diagnose any electrical work that needs to be done. That way, when you have a situation that requires a professional electrician, you’ll feel confident in calling on C W Electrical Services Inc for help.

If you want to make sure you are using an electrician Pittsburgh residents love, contact CW Electrical. Our expert Pittsburgh electrician would be happy to discuss your situation and give you a free consultation!

Indoor / Outdoor Lighting Installation

Landscape lighting can be installed virtually anywhere on the grounds, lending beauty, ambiance and functionality to a space. Driveways, backyards, patios, and gardens are just some of the places where landscape lighting can make a difference.

When To Call An Electrician

Your safety is paramount. Don’t wait until you have six electronic devices going into one outlet, and you smell wiring burning while the lights dim after you turn on your air conditioner. Contact us as soon as you have any questions about your electrical system.

Electrical Services

We are professional electricians offering a full range of electrical installation and repair services. Electrical services include but are not limited to service panel upgrades ( fuse box to breaker box), new wiring service and updating old knob and tube wiring, appliances, and more.