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Bucket Truck Services: Parking Lot Light Replacement

60' Bucket Truck Can Reach Exterior Store Fronts, Signage, and Pole Work

Do you have electrical or communications devices that a ladder cannot reach? CW Electrical Services located in Pittsburgh, PA provides bucket truck services for any industrial, commercial, or even residential services. Our bucket truck extends to 60 ft, which allows us to quickly and safely preform electric repair and maintenance services that other electricians would otherwise have to outsource.

Parking Lot Lighting and Maintenance

How hard is it to change a light bulb? Well that depends on where that light bulb is located. Our bucket truck service allows us to easily maintain parking lot lighting. Your property and products are as important as your patrons safety and security. Flickering or burnt out parking lot lighting isn’t always due to a bad light source. CW’s licensed electricians have the experience and equipment to diagnose and repair lighting ballasts for commercial exterior applications like storefronts and signs, pole lighting, auto dealer parking lots, or any other application which a ladder can not reach.

In addition to providing bucket truck services to repair parking lot lighting. We also offer parking lot lighting retrofitting and installation. Advances in lighting technology can save significant amounts of energy, which lowers your costs. We offer commercial and industrial CFL and LED lighting solutions. LED parking lot lighting can be installed new or retrofitted to your existing pole lighting configuration or storefront. Save time and money by hiring the right electrician for the job, call CW Electrical Services Today.

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