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Electrician CW Electrical Services

Commercial Electrical
Installation & Repair:

• Resturants

• grocery stores

• retail / shopping

• Warehouses

• medical facilities

• Office Spaces

• Sports facilities

• Hotel / Motel

Commercial Electricians

CW Electrical services provides the Greater Pittsburgh area a comprehensive array of both residential and commercial electrical services. With our own 45' boom truck our direct commercial offerings are expanded to new "heights." All of CW's electricians are appropriately licensed and insured to provide commercial electrical services in Pittsburgh and it's surrounding counties Allegheny, Beaver, Butler, Mercer and more. We provide planning and installation of any commercial or industrial electrical system as well as any equipment that requires an electrical connection. Call the electrical professionals at CW Electrical Services today with your RFQ or discuss your commercial electrical project today.

45' bucket
Truck Service

Exterior marquees
Store Fronts Signage

telephone & Electric pole work

Do you have electrical or communications devices that a ladder cannot reach? CW Electrical Services has the personel and equipment to provide electrical services at height. Our company owned and operated bucket truck extends to 45' which allows us to rapidly and safely preform electric repair and maintenance services that other electrical service companies would otherwise have to outsource.

Parking Lot Lighting
Repair & Installation

Our bucket truck service allows us to easily maintain parking lot lighting. Your property and products are as important as your patrons safety and security. Flickering or burnt out parking lot lighting isn’t always due to a bad light source. CW’s licensed electricians have the experience and equipment to diagnose and repair lighting ballasts for commercial exterior applications like storefronts and signs, pole lighting, auto dealer parking lots, or any other application which a ladder can not reach.

Lighting Solutions

Warehouse & Retail
commercial Lighting Installation
Repair & LED Conversion Retrofit

Advances in lighting technology can save significant amounts of energy, which lowers your overhead and operating costs.

We offer commercial high efficiency LED lighting as well as CFL ligthing solutions to illuminate your space. LED parking lot lighting can be installed new or retrofitted to your existing pole lighting configuration or storefront. Save time and money by hiring the right electrician for the job, call CW Electrical Services Today.

Commercial Lighting Facilities We Service

Commercial industrial lighting applies to any type of structure that is not a residential home. We provide a full range of commercial electrical services from commercial wiring to commercial lighting and everything in between.

If you own or operate a resturant, retail, grocery store, shopping mall, medical facility, office space, hotel, sports facility or warehouse we provide service.

commercial Wiring &
Installation Services

common Types Of
commercial Wiring Methods

Commercial electrical installations differ from residential services in that commercial / industrial use more industry specific materials and have far more complex electrical systems as well as power consumption. Industrial levels of power consumption also require more safety equipment for monitoring which require a thorough understanding of elecrical systems and proper repair protocols.

Electrical Raceways

What is an electrical raceway? An electrical raceway is a structural conduit that houses electrical wiring or cables. The different types of raceway material are specific to installation type which include: conduit, cable trays, trunking, and surface mounted raceways.

Electrical Busways

What is an electrical busway? An electrical busway also known as a "bus duct" is a prefabricated set of conductors housed in a metal enclosure that provides power distribution for the facility.

Electrical Cable Assemblies

What is an electrical cable assembly? An electrical cable assembly refers to any premade cable configuration often complete with connectors specific to ready made connections within an electrical system.

Service & Electrical Panels

Commercial Electrical
Panel Installation

Installing new commercial electrical panels and service is a complex and critical process that requires specific electrical licensing and adherence to safety protocols. The first step involves a thorough assessment of the building's electrical requirements, taking into consideration the anticipated power loads and future expansion needs. Working from electrical blueprints, the commercial electrician plans the panel layout, ensuring efficient distribution of power to different areas within the facility.

The installation process includes mounting the electrical panels securely, connecting them to the main power source, and routing the necessary wiring and conduits. We will install all electrical boxes, circuit breakers, switches, and other components, ensuring they meet local building codes and safety regulations. Proper labeling and documentation of circuits are crucial for maintenance and troubleshooting purposes. CW Electrical takes pride in it's attention to detail, compliance with safety protocols, and precise execution to guarantee a reliable and safe electrical distribution system for your commercial space.

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